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  2. Interesting info. As a voter, I have to agree. I hate them. They are visual pollution and they convey no info to help me decide. I think the idea of providing an online marketplace for supporters to buy their own sign or bumper sticker, etc. is a great one, since it also helps fund the campaign.Thanks!

  3. c101Thank you so much for your sweet comment! So sorry for the late reply – I love your blog too! This outfit is amazing with its proportions. So happy to meet another AWang/Givenchy lover! x0 annetted0

  4. budak jb : cian budak JB ni..dia x pnah duk KL kot.dia x tau org KL ni cane..nak suh org bg komen kat atas saman .xsekolah pnya budak.mahkamah tu wat ape mangkuk?peguam tu wat ape bodoh?ni aku nk ajar ko ckit…klau ko rasa ko x salah ko lantikla peguam naik mhkamah..kalau nk bg pesalah komen atas krtas saman tu satu A3 pun x cukup.bengap…

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