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  1.   TasnimSeptember 21, 2012Never been to one but I’d love to meet you and jennifer Armentrout. I doubt it’ll happen though as I’m in the UK, and not a lot of authors do signings here

  2. I have this mental picture…walking into a restaurant, casually glancing around and my eyes coming to rest on a man with his back to me, his arms pumping furiously in the crotchal area…oh shit. Excuse me while I retrieve a washcloth to clean the partial chewed food off my iMac.Good luck to you sir. If you get a gig in the Seattle area, I’m so there!

  3. classic, I read science fiction/recent literature as entertainment. But to improve the quality of writing, read the masters. Can any one write a list of great writers to read..

  4. How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

  5. Both peanut noodles and pad thai are favorites in our home so this dish would be a winner here. If you haven't already, I'd love for you to check out my SRC entry: .Lisa~~

  6. bonjourmagnifique livre ;)dans les trois villes je mettrai bruxelles pour sa diversité et ses quartiers disparates et animés, Copenhague pour sa mini petite sirène et ses rues bien propres et Londres pour son coté décalé.Bonne journéeEwaell Basmodee21(at)yahoo(point)fr

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