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Monsieur Antoine Montant !


Encore un exploit d’Antoine Montant, une première mondiale. A vous de juger de la folie et de la beauté du geste au-dessus du lac d’Annecy. Couillu !

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  1. yes I am but my work schedule is ralely screwed up right now so I don’t get a lot of time to record also my friends list is full but if you send me a message on xbox my gamertag is x1xDEATHx2000 I will try to move some of my friends around and send you a friend request

  2. “Remind me again how did in the primaries? What percent of the vote did he get?”OK, MattForest … let us use your distorted logic.Why are you and your ilk working so hard to bring down someone that did so poorly in the primaries? Why has your ilk started this ‘surge’?You might need another energy drink for this one.

  3. Herlige bilder :)Elsker både flisene og lyktene! Og selv om jeg også er ganskje så hjemmekjær så liker jeg å reise i blant også, bare det ikke blir for lenge i gangen! Marokko står helt klart på ønskelista :)Ha en finfin lørdagskveld!

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  5. on Hola Elena!Con tu permiso me la apunto! Que buena pinta! Además los postres con manzana son los favoritos de mi madre. Así un día le doy una sorpresa…:DQuedo pendiente para cuando nos des tu receta de masa de hojaldre casera. Un beso!

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